It changes programs

Do you believe in change? MIDI Progger does. MIDI Progger changes MIDI programs.

MIDI Progger is an Android app that shows a searchable list of programs. When the user taps on a program, MIDI messages (bank and program change) are sent via a USB MIDI cable connected to the device. Programs are defined in so-called mididef files. Users can create their own mididef files and place it in a directory named mididef in the phone's storage root.

Definition files are included for the Korg X50, Roland Juno-DS and Yamaha P-140.

You can bank on MIDI Progger for a selection of purposes - whether you just want a searchable reference of patches or a way to easily control your synthesizer.


Available on the Google Play Store:


Uses the Android USB-MIDI-Driver by kshoji:

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This app does not collect any user information. The READ_PHONE_STATE permission is required by the MIDI USB driver.

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