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Series-app is a small application that retrieves series and episode info from and allows the user to view and copy episode names to the clipboard (in case you still need to manually rename an episode).

Episode dates are shown when hovering the mouse over an episode name and unreleased episodes are marked grey.

The series and episode lists are cached so you don't have to re-download every time.

Double-clicking on an episode name copies the name and number to the clipboard.

A star button marks series as favourites for quick access.

Apart from accessing series and episodes lists from, the app also checks this server to display a message if a newer version is available.

Desktop Binaries

Windows 1.092 64bit (with Qt Libraries) 4.3MB 7z file
Linux 1.092 64bit (Requires Qt4) 42KB zip file

Desktop Source

The desktop version is written in Qt. The easiest way to build it is to open the .pro file with QtCreator and build it from there.

series-app-source_git (93KB)


Find the Android version in the Google Play store: Seriesapp Android


For Windows, the Series-app libraries must be in the same directory as the .exe file.

The Series-app directory must be writable, as the series list file is saved in this directory.

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