Konfyt Digital Keyboard Workstation

Welkom by Konfyt.
Konfyt is a digital keyboard workstation for Linux which allows the user to easily and quickly set up patches, each with multiple layers, and instantly switch between these patches for seamless live keyboard playing.

Patches may consist of multiple layers of Soundfonts (.sf2), SFZ instruments, audio input ports and MIDI output ports.

Konfyt features a searchable library that scans your filesystem for soundfonts and SFZs. Soundfont programs are included in searches and can be viewed with a single click, giving immediate access to all programs within a soundfont.

Konfyt originally started as a quick and dirty attempt to create a soundfont library application due to the author's frustration with exploring soundfonts using existing tools. This soon grew to a soundfont player and eventually everything else was hacked on. It is now pretty functional but remains a work in progress. While I use Konfyt successfully on a daily basis, use it at your own risk. I am not responsible for any trauma due to failures during live performances.

Konfyt is open source, created with Qt and uses JACK as MIDI and audio backend, liblscp for loading SFZ files in Linuxsampler, with the option of using Carla as the backend for loading SFZ files (using its built-in SFZero support) and Fluidsynth for soundfonts.



Source Code

Source code is available at github.com/noedigcode/konfyt.


Some documentation and ideas can be found here.

Known Issues

You have the option (see command line arguments) of either using the Carla backend for loading SFZ files or Linuxsampler (via liblscp) by default. Carla uses SFZero, which is fully open source but is still incomplete regarding the SFZ spec, lacking some opcodes. Linuxsampler is more complete regarding SFZ opcode support, but some users dislike its license.

When loading large soundfonts and SFZs, the GUI is non-responsive without feedback for a while until the loading completes.

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